Back to School with our STEM Resource Finder

New notebooks, sharpened pencils, and your tablet and iPhone batteries charged and ready to go. Check, check, and check. It’s back to school time! Whether you’re planning to be back in a real classroom for the first time in over a year or teach from your renovated basement, we’ve also been getting ready for the big day when we flip the academic calendar. We’re delighted to announce that we have redesigned our STEM Resource Finder just in time for the 2021-22 school year.

STEM Resource Finder

Our open educational resources expand and deepen STEM inquiry with technology. These scientifically accurate models and activities have been funded by the National Science Foundation and other private and federal granting agencies, and developed by curriculum experts—so you know you can trust them in your classroom.

And they’re all available to you for free!

Register as a teacher to get access to several key features, like creating classes for your students, assigning activities, saving work, tracking student progress, and more. Learn how to do all this and more in our User Guide (PDF).

Use our updated STEM Resource Finder to search by subject area or grade level. Looking for Earth science resources for your elementary students? Middle school resources in life science? Or something for your high school physics students? We have all that and more. Through dozens of research projects, we have developed activities in all STEM areas. There’s something for every grade level, too. Many of our resources are also part of larger collections of materials.

Here’s to a bright and innovative new school year. Enjoy!