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News from the Concord Consortium

  • Teaching Graph Literacy

    Teaching Graph Literacy

    A new article in Science Scope outlines a step-by-step approach to help students understand graphs. "Teaching graph literacy across the curriculum" urges educators to use a new and tested way to teach students how graphs communicate meaning. Six free interactive graph literacy activities are available online and also as a new app for iPads. Learn more »

  • See You at AAAS 2015

    See You at AAAS 2015

    At this year's annual AAAS conference, Senior Scientist Bill Finzer will participate in a panel discussing data-driven science learning in the classroom. He will describe the Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP), and show that providing frequent opportunities for learning data science in the context of learning science has become an important responsibility of all science educators. Learn more »

  • High-Adventure Science

    HAS Lessons on
    NatGeo Education

    Two High-Adventure Science online curriculum lessons are now available on the National Geographic Education website. The lessons explore questions such as "What is the future of Earth's climate?" and "What are our energy choices?" and include interactive systems models and real-world data. Learn more »

  • Graph Literacy

    Free Graph Literacy App

    We’re delighted to announce our Graph Literacy app for iPad! The new app is designed for middle school students to investigate equivalent graphs, learn to interpolate values, discover the difference between dependent and independent variables and more. Based on extensive research, Graph Literacy activities are aligned with the Common Core. Download from the App Store now »

  • Request for Proposals: UX/UI

    Request for
    Proposals: UX/UI

    We’re looking for a UX/UI designer to assist us with two related projects. We’re developing a new systems modeling tool for middle and high school students to create runnable systems dynamics models, see the output and compare it with the output of one or more other data sources. Students will then use our Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) to analyze data. Read the RFP »

  • Chad Dorsey

    Don't Miss Chad Dorsey on Ed Table Talk

    Concord Consortium president Chad Dorsey will be a guest on the Internet-based radio show Education Table Talk hosted by Michael Jay. “More Than Just a Good Idea:
 Education Research to Guide Product Development” will air at 2:00 pm on November 18.
    Learn more »

  • CSMC Third International Curriculum Conference

    Meet Us at CSMC

    Concord Consortium President Chad Dorsey will present at the CSMC Third International Curriculum Conference in Chicago, November 7-9. Learn how cutting-edge technology and approaches contribute to deep learning and aid in the development of essential practices in science and engineering across STEM topics. Learn more »

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