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Fathom Dynamic Data Software

We've made the award-winning software for data exploration and analysis in math, statistics and science available at reduced prices.


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Use our NGSS Pathfinder to find free educational resources aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.


Geniverse dragons have landed

The world of Geniverse is now open and freely available to the public. Start with Geniversity, the official website designed to support our growing community of dedicated teachers.


Molecular Workbench

Thanks to Google's generosity and the power of HTML5, we're bringing Molecular Workbench to Web browsers everywhere.


Making science a
high-adventure pursuit

New curriculum uses models and real-world data to help middle and high school students explore current unanswered research questions in earth and space science.

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Dew Point

Figure out the dew point temperature for your classroom.

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We’ve pioneered investigations into using technology for learning. Discover how our research may inform your work, and how to get involved.

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News from the Concord Consortium

  • NSTA STEM Forum & Expo

    Forum & Expo

    At the 2016 NSTA STEM Forum & Expo in Denver, CO, Carolyn Staudt explained how pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children can learn science and engineering practices through technology. She also discussed an exciting free online modeling app that gives anyone the ability to explore their local watershed. View presentation details »

  • Carolyn Staudt

    Building Learning Communities 2016

    On July 22 Carolyn Staudt presented at the Building Learning Communities conference in Boston. Carolyn shared the free Graph Literacy app for middle school students to identify important features of graphs and relate those features to the context of the graphs, plus the free Model My Watershed app with which students can visualize the impact of human action on their local watersheds.
    View presentation details »

  • Charles Xie

    Design Computing Cognition '16

    On June 29th, we presented at Design Computing Cognition '16 in Evanston, Illinois. We discussed our experience navigating big data, generating useful data visualizations, and integrating process analytics with traditional performance assessment methods to relate design actions to learning outcomes. View presentation details »

  • ISTE 2016

    See You at ISTE 2016

    At ISTE 2016 in Denver we presented a free, visually engaging web-based app that invites students to explore and evaluate their local watershed using real data and a scientifically valid watershed model. We also discussed how our Sensing Science project allows K-2 students to interact with their assumptions and reflect on their actions. View details »

  • Cyberlearning 2016

    Cyberlearning 2016

    In June we attended Cyberlearning 2016 in Arlington, VA, where we described our innovative work in data science games, augmented virtual learning experiences, integrating contributions from multiple research projects, and much more as part of several roundtable, working sessions, expert exchange sessions, and the gallery walk. View details »

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