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We're a nonprofit educational research and development organization based in Concord, Massachusetts. Our pioneering work brings the promise of technology into a reality for education in science, math and engineering.

We have a diverse group of innovators who are truly amazing. They are collaborative, creative, and fully dedicated to our core mission. And they combine bucketloads of disciplinary knowledge, educational experience, and technological expertise in marvelous ways, all in the name of showing educational technology's true potential to the world.

  • Our Staff

    Our staff is a diverse group of individuals with extensive backgrounds in education and technology.

  • Board of Directors

    Our board members are a distinguished group of educators and business people.

  • Our Collaborators

    Excellent partnerships are key to many of our innovations. Consider collaborating with us yourself.

  • Career Opportunities

    Want to work at the Concord Consortium? Check here to peruse current job openings.

  • Our History

    Our work has been around almost as long as computers have. Learn about how it all began.

Our Mission

To ignite large-scale improvements in teaching and learning through technology.

Our Vision

We imagine a deeply digital future, where teaching and learning seamlessly incorporate the best features of digital technology to dramatically improve education.

  • News

    Read the latest and archived news stories about the Concord Consortium's activities and staff.

  • Blog

    Our thoughts on our latest research and development, new technology, the state of education and more.

  • Contact Information

    Have a question, some feedback, or a great new idea? Get in touch with us.

  • Conferences

    We're excited about showcasing our work and invite you to join us at these upcoming conferences.

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