Engineering & Science Connections

Engineering & Science Connections

Reimagining engineering design with student-centered technologies

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Our Energy2D and Energy3D software and CAD tools provide interactive simulations and visualizations of energy, allowing students to learn engineering by designing and building energy-efficient scale-model houses. Our unique approach to engineering education also uses affordable IR cameras to visualize invisible energy flows and transformations in easy-to-do science experiments. And our SmartIR smartphone app creates mapped views of neighborhoods—like Google Street View for infrared light.

For example,

  • Our SmartCAD project is developing a computer-aided design (CAD) system capable of automatically generating formative feedback to guide students through complex engineering design based on analyzing design artifacts computationally. Read Learning to build a sustainable world in our Fall 2016 @Concord.
  • We’ve partnered with the Virtual High School to create a technology-enhanced learning pathway from school to home and then to cleantech careers. Read more about our Next Step Learning project.