CODAP is a free web-based data tool designed as a platform for developers and as an application for students in grades 6–14.


Data are everywhere. Just as language and numeric literacy involve understanding the world through words and mathematical constructs, data literacy involves understanding the world through data exploration. Today’s middle and high school students need to work with data in order to advance their skills and prepare for the burgeoning careers and inquiry-based practices of data scientists.

CODAP provides an easy-to-use web-based data analysis platform, geared toward middle and high school students, and aimed at teachers and curriculum developers. CODAP can be incorporated across the curriculum to help students summarize, visualize and interpret data, advancing their skills to use data as evidence to support a claim.

Through research on learning, collaborative software design, web application development and user testing, we’re developing a Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) that will serve subsequent curriculum development projects as a basis for the technology with which students engage with data.

CODAP is open source software, free to use, adapt and extend.To increase the likelihood that CODAP software will meet the needs of a wide range of curriculum projects it is being designed and tested in collaboration with four existing NSF-funded projects: Building Models, Data Science Games, InquirySpace, Ocean Tracks, Terra Populus, Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education with E­Modules (ESTEEM), and Zoom In! Learning Science with Data. These projects form the nucleus of a community of developers that will grow with time and lead to widespread use of CODAP’s data exploration and visualization tools in middle and high school classrooms across a variety of subject areas.

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We’re researching the ways students perceive and learn to work with empirical data that’s structured hierarchically. Our goals are to add to the field of data science education and to improve the design of data analysis learning environments.


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CODAP is easy to use and runs in your web browser. Open an example document or create your own by dragging in a CSV or TXT file and start bringing data to life!

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IntelliJThe CODAP project uses IntelliJ IDEA as part of its software development process.

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