Data Science Education

Data Science Education

Inspiring meaningful data exploration

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The data science revolution has arrived. Millions of students need to be ready for a future filled with data. We’re responding by jumpstarting the new field of data science education and supporting its growing community of researchers and educators. CODAP, our Common Online Data Analysis Platform, sits at the core, enabling more learners to explore more data in more places.

For example,

  • We’re creating data science games in which learners organize, analyze, and visualize data generated during game play in order to level up. Learn about the Data Science Games project and read more in this @Concord article.
  • We’re designing curriculum for students to design a simple experiment based on the Internet of Things and use dataflow software to sense and control experiments, much the way professional scientists do. Learn more about InSPECT.
  • We’re hosting meetups at major science and mathematics conferences and invite public participation in the conversation about data science education. We’re also offering free webinars with inspiring perspectives from the data science education community.