Preparing brighter futures
Cultivating curiosity to bring out the inner scientist in everyone
We pioneered the use of probeware in STEM learning and continue to expand its possibilities and research its use. Probes and sensors bring a new dimension to hands-on learning, eliminating tedious lab processes and extending learners’ senses to provide new views of everyday phenomena that unfold in real time. Our research has demonstrated probeware’s effectiveness at aiding learning across many grades and topics.
Enabling inquiry & experimentation with scientifically accurate virtual labs
Our computational models, based on scientific first principles, make the world’s invisible phenomena visible and explorable. Students can peer into the details of chemical reactions, manipulate the unseeable world of genes and DNA, compress centuries into seconds to unlock evolution’s gradual mysteries, or watch Earth’s plates create massive landforms. From our groundbreaking Molecular Workbench to our popular Geniverse suite of dragon genetics software, we’ve been creating scientifically accurate virtual labs from our start.
Inspiring meaningful data exploration
The data science revolution has arrived. Millions of students need to be ready for a future filled with data. We’re responding by jumpstarting the new field of data science education and supporting its growing community of researchers and educators. CODAP, our Common Online Data Analysis Platform, sits at the core, enabling more learners to explore more data in more places.
Developing innovative approaches to understand and guide learning
We’re using new methods to peer into student learning, from analyzing log data of students’ collaboration to using automated scoring technologies to provide real-time feedback to students. And we’re designing systems to provide vital information and guidance to teachers for formative classroom use through interactive whole-class views and real-time background notes and suggestions.
Reimagining engineering design with student-centered technologies
Our Energy2D and Energy3D software and CAD tools provide interactive simulations and visualizations of energy, allowing students to learn engineering by designing and building energy-efficient scale-model houses. Our unique approach to engineering education also uses affordable IR cameras to visualize invisible energy flows and transformations in easy-to-do science experiments. And our SmartIR smartphone app creates mapped views of neighborhoods—like Google Street View for infrared light.
Imagining the future with cutting-edge innovations
We’re a think tank for new technologies, understanding and applying the world’s best advances in teaching and learning. We’re infusing papercrafting with mechanical design and computational thinking, using technology to bridge learning across formal and informal settings, using hand gestures to control simulations, and combining technologies in cutting-edge ways to provide powerful views into systems modeling. We’re drawing from the future as we invent new tools and technologies for tomorrow’s learners.
We revolutionize digital learning for science, math, and engineering by:
Our mission is to innovate and inspire equitable, large-scale improvements in STEM teaching and learning through technology

We have a diverse group of innovators who are truly amazing. They are collaborative, creative, and fully dedicated to our core mission. And they combine bucketloads of disciplinary knowledge, educational experience, and technological expertise in marvelous ways, all in the name of showing educational technology’s true potential to the world.

We envision a world where all students and teachers use effective digital resources to engage deeply, justly, and equitably with STEM concepts and practices in varied personal, cultural, and social contexts.

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