Michael Tirenin

Michael Tirenin UX/UI Designer Michael Tirenin is a UX/UI Designer at the Concord Consortium. He began his career developing educational interactive media and animation for educational publishers and pharmaceutical companies, and went on to art direct video games for the entertainment market. Prior to joining the Concord Consortium, Michael worked for the Waterford Institute as […]

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Remote Professional Development: Using a System Modeling Tool for 3D Teaching and Learning

Fertilizer variable linked to water quality variable in SageModeler

Modeling is key to how scientists help explain complex phenomena—from the coronavirus pandemic to climate change—and explore scientific and engineering problems. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) recognize the importance of Systems and Systems Models as one of the crosscutting concepts, and Developing and Using Models and Using Computational Thinking as two of the science […]

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New project explores COVID-inspired data science education through epidemiology

Close up of Case of COVID Crisis book cover

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is providing an unprecedented amount of health and social science data, and serves as a compelling starting point to engage in data science activities. A new project funded by the Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) program at the National Science Foundation is designed to empower young people to […]

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Building data stories with CODAP

CODAP - Building Data Stories

We typically think of stories as a narrative composed of text or perhaps text and images. But in the Data Age (i.e., right now), we hope to expand that definition to include data. The goal of the National Science Foundation-funded Writing Data Stories project is to help middle school students tell stories about patterns they […]

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