Google Classroom and CODAP integration

We are delighted to announce that you can now assign CODAP documents in Google Classroom in the same way you assign Google Docs. Easy peasy!

As a teacher, you can create a CODAP document, then assign it to your class so that each student gets their own copy. They can explore a data table or graph you’ve shared with them, add new graphs or other data visualizations, and investigate the driving question that sent them to CODAP in the first place. For example, does parachute size affect velocity in our Parachute Model?

Students can save their CODAP document to Google Drive, then when they’re ready, they can turn in their CODAP document—complete with their graphs or text boxes as evidence to answer the question—in the same way they’d hand in any Google Doc.

Note: If you have previously used shared links generated from within CODAP, that method of sharing will continue to work.

You can find more details on the Google Classroom assignment process in the How Do I Assign CODAP Documents and Get Back Student Work? help page.