A New Take on Student Lab Reports

The March issue of The Science Teacher features “A New Take on Student Lab Reports” by Ed Hazzard, which describes how students can use screencasts – digital recordings of the computer screen plus audio narration – to report on their computer-based science labs, as an alternative to written reports. This could be an exciting new tool for science teaching.

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Evolution is a Model, Why Not Teach It That Way?

Paul Horwitz has written a chapter of the book “Multiple Representations in Biological Education,” edited by David F. Treagust and Chi-Yan Tsui, and published by Springer Verlag. The chapter, entitled “Evolution is a model, why not teach it that way?,” describes our Evolution Readiness learning activities and research about their use with fourth grade students.

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SmartGraphs Success

Our SmartGraphs project team conducted additional experimental research this fall. Nearly three dozen eighth and ninth grade physical science teachers in Pennsylvania used SmartGraphs activities with 75 different classes. One finding that has emerged quickly is that teachers were very satisfied with the online activities.

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