Two Google Summer of Coders

Google Summer of Code 2014Two international students will spend the summer coding for our open source projects. Through Google Summer of Code™ (GSoC), they’ll earn stipends from Google, plus get a coveted GSoC t-shirt and certificate. Concord Consortium developers will provide mentorship.

Mobile-friendly HTML5 Seismic Eruption

The Seismic Eruption software is popular with teachers, but it only runs on Windows. The basic application allows the user to “play back” earthquakes and volcanoes from the last century on a map. It shows a visual display of the distribution, depth and magnitude/strength of the earthquakes and eruptions (and popup information about the type of volcano and date of eruption). It also allows users to create a cross-sectional views of the earthquakes.

We’re now developing a browser-based version of this application using HTML5 and existing mapping tools like Google Maps, based on live and historical data of earthquakes from the U.S. Geological Survey. Abhinav Mukherjee will work with Senior Software Developer Scott Cytacki to develop this program. Welcome, Abhinav!

Data analytics for user actions in HTML5 web apps

Many of our projects would like to capture detailed logs of actions students take in browser-based activities and have a shared tool for analyzing this data. This tool would also be useful to many other HTML5 projects that also want to do analytics on event-based user data. Existing Web Analytics tools, like Google Analytics, do not provide logging data at the individual-user data, and so are not usable by researchers.

Our goal is to create a common system for sending user action logging data from our HTML5 activities into our existing visualization application, CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform).

Peeyush Agarwal will develop code with mentoring from Senior Scientist William Finzer and Software Engineer Sam Fentress. Welcome, Peeyush!