The Cryptic Case of the Coded Fair

The Cryptic Case of the Coded FairConcord Consortium President Emeritus Bob Tinker, his wife Barbara and former member of the board Penny Noyce have authored a book in the Galactic Academy of Science series. The Cryptic Case of the Coded Fair teaches middle school students about encryption while telling a fun and exciting story of history and adventure.

From the book description…

“Dr. G and his companions are using coded messages in a plot to corrupt the International Science Fair. Quarkum Phonon, a Dude from the future, calls on four middle school students for help. Benson and Anita work on their computers while two new G.A.S. recruits, Ella and Shomari, travel through time, facing kidnappers, thieves, and spies in their scramble to learn about codes and ciphers. Across two millennia and five countries, they meet Julius Caesar, Thomas Jefferson, Alan Turing, and others, while learning about substitution ciphers, frequency analysis, wheels, cylinders, book codes, the Verginère Table, the Enigma, and public and private keys. But will they break Dr. G’s code in time to save the science fair? A computer-based online extension that allows readers to create and decode their own secret messages is also included.”

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