Aftershocks! Explore the recent southern California earthquakes with Seismic Explorer

Julia LaCava is a summer intern at the Concord Consortium. A junior at Ithaca College, she majors in communications. A massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake occurred July 5 in southern California near Ridgecrest, the strongest to hit the area in 20 years. The quake followed the Independence Day 6.4 magnitude earthquake the previous day north of […]

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My Daughter Heard About an Earthquake. How Do I Explain It?

Earthquakes occur worldwide daily, and their aftereffects vary widely, from minimal to devastating. From California to the Mediterranean, some communities live with the threat and consequences of earthquakes and their aftershocks on a regular basis. Understanding what causes an earthquake is not easy. How is it possible to visualize monumental slabs of Earth moving? And […]

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