Tablet-friendly STEM Resources

Is your New Year’s resolution to find more interactive STEM resources that are tablet-ready? (We understand — we make similar technology-related resolutions, too!) We’ve optimized many of our browser-based interactive resources to run on popular tablets. By tuning our code, we’re able to make the power of our models available for your students!

For example, this Phase Change interactive runs 60% faster than it did before our recent code improvements:

And Metal Forces runs 33% faster:

Here’s a few to try now:





One thought on “Tablet-friendly STEM Resources

  1. I’d like to make a suggestions for an update on DNA to Protein. It’s a great sim, but students have difficulty because they have to remember what the “original” protein looked like in order to judge if their mutation has had much of an effect. It would be really helpful if there was a way to save the proteins from run to run so they could be looked and compared on the same screen. 🙂

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