More things, more people, more easily

“The most exciting thing about the Next-Generation Molecular Workbench is that it lets us to do more things for more people, more easily.” -Chad Dorsey, CEO & President of the Concord Consortium

Have you seen the latest Next-Generation MW interactives? We’ve taken the physics-based interactive simulations and made them better. The Next-Generation Molecular Workbench is accessible to anyone with a browser and works on multiple devices (desktops, laptops, tablets and phones).

With our easy-to-share interactives (just click the “Share” link in the top right corner of any interactive), you can develop your own activities on your blog or teacher page. CK-12 and edX already have!

And best of all, the code is free and open source. Want to change the model? You can get access to the code and tweak it.

Learn more in our latest video from the Molecular Workbench team!