Molecular Workbench Logo Gets a New Look

2 thoughts on “Molecular Workbench Logo Gets a New Look

  1. I am one of your keenest supporters and just love what you are doing with Molecular Workbench.
    However, I HATE this logo with a passion. It totally reinforces the most useless model of the atom there is, whether you think so or not. PLEASE change it to another logo asap.
    There, spleen vented.
    Prof Roy Tasker
    Professor of Chemistry Education
    University of Western Sydney

    1. Dr. Tasker,
      Thanks so much for letting us know of your support for Molecular Workbench. The software is hugely popular and we’re glad to hear from one of its keenest fans. Of course, we’re sorry to hear that our new logo has incited you.
      While the Bohr model is certainly not the correct atomic model, we do acknowledge its singular role in fashioning thought about atomic models. Furthermore, it is hard to discount its iconic relevance in evoking thoughts of the atomic world for all viewers. Capturing the versatility and multi-scale nature of something like MW in an widely recognizable way is indeed a challenge. Amid that challenge, we note that we see many different things in this logo besides simply a molecular model – it may represent a star at the center of a large-scale planetary system, while at the same time it may evoke the quantum nature of the electron.
      In general, thanks for your heartfelt opinions, and most especially for your love of Molecular Workbench. And keep an eye out for new features coming soon in our Next-Generation Molecular Workbench—including light-matter interactions—that we think you’ll love also. As you know, Molecular Workbench is incredibly powerful with the ability to model a huge range of scientific phenomena. We hope you’ll come to see MW’s new logo as more than a single icon, but representing, like the software itself, a host of exciting possibilities.

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