Marine Air Terminal. Wow.

Andee Rubin from TERC and I ended up on the same plane on the way to World Maker Faire. As we landed in LaGuardia on the shuttle from Boston, we wandered a bit through the terminal looking for a pit stop. As we did, we happened upon the amazing Marine Air Terminal lobby. 100% hidden unless you happened to do what we did, this terminal is an absolute gem of all that 1930s design has to offer. Marble central area, stainless steel furnishings, art deco to the max, and a marvelous 360-degree mural depicting the history of aviation. I didn’t know places like this still existed, and apparently this one almost didn’t. Turns out it was built just after Lindbergh’s time for lumbering, but luxurious sea planes (which held 72 people and contained full dining rooms). It was practically abandoned almost immediately because of the war, and the mural – the largest WPA mural ever painted – was completely painted over, only to be rediscovered and restored together with the whole building in the 1980s. Fortunately, it’s now on the National Historic Register.

Anyway, to art deco fans like the two of us, this was an absolute find. If you are anywhere near this with a bit of time to spare, it’s worth hopping the shuttle bus over to this from the main terminals and checking it out.

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