Finding other “Earths”

“Within the next 6 to 12 months, I suspect we’ll be able to detect and verify and announce planets that at least have the size of our own Earth.”

–Dr. Geoffrey Marcy, University of California Berkeley

“This changes our understanding of our role in the universe. We, in some sense, are not alone in terms of being a planet circulating around a star. We now realize, that potentially, there could be thousands, billions of planets right in our own back yard, right in our own Milky Way galaxy. This is a game changer.”

–Dr. Michio Kaku

The recent news release about Kepler-10b has put NASA into the spotlight again.

Click on the link below to watch a really great video from The Wall Street Journal about astronomers’ latest discoveries of new planets and how they’ll know if they’ve found a planet that can support life.

The Search for Other Earths

The most intriguing news… NASA scientists have sequestered data from 400 stars. Does this mean that they’ve already discovered another “Earth?” Stay tuned…

Read the associated print article: “Planet Data to Fuel Hunt for Life.”