Accessing Sensor Data from Java

For years we have been using several layers of Java, Java Native Interface, and native driver code to support common access to sensors from multiple Probeware interfaces from different vendors. We’ve been calling these layers the org-concord-sensor framework.

Our Java/OTrunk framework which has supported many kinds of interactive educational activities uses the org-concord-sensor framework to route data from sensors to real-time graphs and as input into dynamic models.

The Google Code org-concord-sensor project includes a link to a some older (but still useful) documentation in our Confluence wiki Sensor Device System.

Here’s a general page in our wiki which shows how to setup a full development environment for OTrunk in Eclipse.

Recently we have adapted this framework to support collecting data from Vernier GoIO probes directly in the browser.

If you have a GoMotion probe try the GoMotion Graph Demo page.