Open invitation to software developers

Our Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) offers easy-to-use web-based software that makes it possible for students in grades 6 through college to visualize, analyze, and ultimately learn from data. Whether the source of data is a game, a map, an experiment, or a simulation, CODAP provides an immersive, exploratory experience with dynamically linked data […]

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Safari Javascript bug

Recently we found that our Lab framework caused the JavascriptCore of Safari 5.1 to crash. Safari 5.1 is the latest version available for OS X 10.6. If you have OS X 10.7 or 10.8, then you have Safari 6 which doesn’t have this problem. Too long; didn’t read solution: do not name your getters the […]

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A Datasheet for NextGen MW

The opposite of Thomas Dolby I was terrible at the first four weeks of organic chemistry. I just couldn’t get the right pictures into my head. The depictions of the chemical reaction mechanisms I was supposed to memorize seemed like just so many Cs (and Hs and Os and, alarmingly, Fs) laid out randomly as […]

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