World Maker Faire

Well, Maker Faire was certainly all it’s cracked up to be. The energy of the movement is tangible, and the variety of the things people are doing is truly vast. There are definitely themes running through the Maker movement, and many involve technology in a variety of ways. Many of the more surprising examples are […]

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Returning from a bit of a break

Well, it seems our initial return to blogging suffered a slight setback. But we’ve been pretty hard at work over the past year on our new look, new website and many other new developments. And we’re happy to be returning to blogging at long last as well. We’re pleased to have you visiting, and invite […]

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Mystery solved?

This is the third followup of the blog article: “A perfect storm in a cup of salt water?”I woke up last night with a perfect explanation for the mysterious temperature gradient observed in a saturated salt solution. It is the recrystallization of salt …

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