The Concord Consortium at NSTA 2011

Seven sessions at the 2011 NSTA conference showcased the Concord Consortium’s technologies and projects. Attendees learned about our SmartGraphs, rolled up their sleeves for hands-on engineering activities, and created custom lessons using probes, models and simulations.

Featured Presentation: Deeply Digital Science Teaching: Looking into the Future of Educational Technology
Thursday, March 10 9:30–10:30 AM
Moscone Center, 135
Chad Dorsey, President

Online Courses and Materials That Provide True Technology Integration Across the Sciences
Thursday, March 10 8:00–9:00 AM
Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Continental 3
Daniel N. Damelin

Evolution Readiness: The Modeling Approach
Thursday, March 10 12:30–1:30 PM
Hilton San Francisco Union Square, Golden Gate 6
Carolyn J. Staudt, Chad W. Dorsey

Smart Graphs
Friday, March 11 9:30–10:30 AM
Moscone Center, 258 & 260
Carolyn J. Staudt, Dewi Win, Chad Dorsey

Green Building Projects for High School Engineering Education
Friday, March 11 3:30–4:30 PM
Moscone Center, 111
Edmund Hazzard

Research Dissemination Conference — Highly Effective Science Education: Integrating Science and Emerging Educational Technology in the Science Classroom

Teaching “Evolution Readiness” to Fourth- Graders: Does Technology Help?
Breakout Session C-6
Saturday, March 12
8:50 & 10:30, Yerba Buena Salon 6
Linda Lacy, North Kansas (Mo.) City Schools Chad Dorsey, Paul Horwitz, and Carolyn Staudt, The Concord Consortium, Concord, Mass.
Laura O’Dwyer, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Linking Student Achievement, Teacher Professional Development, and the Use of Inquiry-based Computer Models in Science
Breakout Session C-8
Saturday, March 12
10:30 & 12:50, Yerba Buena Salon 11
Daniel Damelin