Science Teacher features article on High-Adventure Science energy module

The March 2017 issue of The Science Teacher features “The future of energy: Having students compare the effects of different energy sources on the environment,” an article on the High-Adventure Science energy module by Amy Pallant, Sarah Pryputniewicz, and Hee-Sun Lee.

When we make choices around energy – from considering subsidies for renewable energy to developing battery technology to store energy during low-demand periods – we must consider multiple factors, explore competing ideas, and reach conclusions based on the best available evidence. This article describes a free, five-day online energy curriculum module, in which students compare the effects of various energy sources on air quality, water quality, and land use. They use interactive models to explore hydraulic fracturing, investigate real-world data on energy production and consumption, and examine evidence and claims based on models and data in scaffolded argumentation tasks.

Read the full article (posted with permission of The Science Teacher).

Watch a video about the High-Adventure Science project.