Energy2D Version 1.0 Now Available

Energy2D, an open-source, interactive energy simulation tool, is now available for free download. Install  the first stable version of  Energy2D as a desktop app and create high-quality simulations that run in Web browsers for heat transfer, fluid dynamics, geoscience and more.

Over 45 templates are available to help you get started designing your own simulations. Our Energy2D website provides nearly 100 examples—ranging from heat transfer, fluid dynamics, geoscience, thermal engineering and building physics—that show how you can integrate your simulations on your own website as applets.

A family of virtual sensors, including thermometers, anemometers and heat flux sensors is available in Energy2D to analyze your simulations in real time. These virtual sensors can be connected to control systems such as thermostats to create virtual engineering systems.

Energy2D simulations can be interlinked and annotated to allow easy navigation and flow for greater understanding. Both graphical and scripting user interfaces are provided to assist users of different levels in designing their own simulations. Try Energy2D in your Physical Science, Earth Science or Engineering classes this semester.

Energy2D is made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation (grant DRL-0918449).

Download your free copy of Energy2D now