Deeply Digital Materials Help Students at Innovative New School

Schools for the FutureIn a project sponsored by the Noyce Foundation, teachers at an innovative new high school will adopt and modify our probe- and model-based science activities. Schools for the Future Academy opened this month in Jacksonville, Florida, serving students who are behind academically.

The mission of Schools for the Future is to prove that disconnected youth can succeed in high school, college, and careers. Schools for the Future is a “learning-recovery-and-accelerator-in-one“ for grades 8-12 that provides an alternative pathway for middle school students who have been retained two or more times. The school uses a state-of-the-art turnaround model and integrates research-based practices in adolescent literacy, math, science, and affective development with innovative technologies, including a sophisticated student assessment and data dashboard.

The Concord Consortium has developed hundreds of interactive computer-based activities that teachers at Schools for the Future will be able to select from. Teachers can easily adapt and edit these activities.