Leslie Bondaryk

Director of Technology

Leslie BondarykLeslie Bondaryk
Leslie works on improving STEM education as a science researcher, software designer, engineering educator, publisher, and purveyor of games that illustrate physics, math, and engineering. She’s been lucky enough to work on ideation and technology on groundbreaking interactive STEM education projects including the first Web Calculus text, Schaum’s Interactive Outline Series, Mathcad’s Studyworks, The Analytical Engine, and a variety of simulators for circuits, material science, free body diagrams, manufacturing engineering, thermodynamics, and data analysis, among others. As Director of Technology at the Concord Consortium, she is working on frameworks that will enable science educators and students alike to be able to express themselves on STEM topics with clarity and ingenuity. Leslie is a graduate of MIT and the University of California, where she conducted research on femtosecond semiconductor lasers. When she’s not pondering the mysteries of the universe, she’s often found bribing people to listen to her sing.
Concord, MA

Q&A with Leslie

What is your dream vacation?
River cruise in the Loire Valley
Do you have an unusual hobby or interest?
Developing arcade games
Favorite movie?
African Queen