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ITSI is helping teachers prepare diverse students for STEM careers by engaging them in exciting, inquiry-based science projects. Watch now! Then, learn more about Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry »

We're a non-profit educational technology laboratory for science, mathematics and engineering. Our pioneering work brings technology's promise into reality for education.

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Heat and Light from Electricity

Heat and Light from Electricity

How does energy change from one form to another?

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We’ve pioneered investigations into using technology for learning. Discover how our research may inform your work, and how to get involved.

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News from the Concord Consortium

  • Geniverse 101 Online Course

    Calling All
    Biology Teachers!

    The Geniverse 101 online course is open for enrollment. Learn how to run our game-like genetics software, support students as they engage in the practices of science, and facilitate authentic scientific argumentation. The course is free but space is limited. Apply today »

  • Massachusetts STEM Summit 2014

    Massachusetts STEM Summit 2014

    We're participating in two panel discussions at the Massachusetts STEM Summit on October 22. Topics include strategies, lessons learned and the latest digital resources for engaging students of science, engineering and math. Hope to see you there!
    Learn more and view schedule »

  • MassCUE

    Meet Us at MassCUE

    We'll be at MassCUE October 22-23 explaining how to use hundreds of free activities integrating probes and models that we've developed for grades 3-14, including the award-winning Molecular Workbench. Learn more »

  • The Cryptic Case of the Coded Fair

    The Cryptic Case of the Coded Fair

    Concord Consortium President Emeritus Bob Tinker, his wife Barbara and former member of the board Penny Noyce have authored a book in the Galactic Academy of Science series. The Cryptic Case of the Coded Fair teaches middle school students about encryption while telling a fun and exciting story of history and adventure. Learn more »

  • Fathom

    Download Free
    Fathom Software

    Fathom Dynamic Data Software makes gathering, visualizing, simulating and analyzing data fun! Fathom is a Windows and Mac OSX application for students and teachers in math, statistics, science and social science (grades 8-14). McGraw-Hill Education has transferred the Fathom IP to William Finzer, Fathom’s lead developer and now PI of our Common Online Data Analysis Platform project. Download a free copy now »

  • Come See Us at LearnLaunch

    Come See Us
    at LearnLaunch

    We're excited to be part of the LearnLaunch conference in Boston on September 12. We'll exhibit our deeply our deeply digital education technology as well as engaging in discussions about the future of learning. Visit the conference website for more details »

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