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ITSI is helping teachers prepare diverse students for STEM careers by engaging them in exciting, inquiry-based science projects. Watch now! Then, learn more about Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry »

We're a non-profit educational technology laboratory for science, mathematics and engineering. Our pioneering work brings technology's promise into reality for education.

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Explore molecular views of solvents and solutes to explain how substances dissolve, the differing solubilities of particular solutes in polar and nonpolar solvents, and the effects of temperature on dissolution rates and saturation.

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News from the Concord Consortium

  • Google Summer of Code 2014

    Two Google Summer
    of Coders

    Two international students will spend the summer coding for our open source projects. Through Google Summer of Code™ (GSoC), they’ll earn stipends from Google, plus get a coveted GSoC t-shirt and certificate. Concord Consortium developers will provide mentorship. Learn more »

  • JRST

    New High-Adventure Science Study

    Looking for adventure? The High-Adventure Science project has published a new paper in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching titled "Assessment of uncertainty-infused scientific argumentation." The authors defined a scientific argumentation construct consisting of claim, justification, uncertainty qualifier and uncertainty rationale. The study includes results from almost 500 students who engaged in scientific argumentation tasks in three High-Adventure Science modules in climate change, the search for life in space and fresh water availability. Learn more »

  • NSTA 2014

    See You at NSTA
    in Boston

    With five presentations at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) national conference in Boston, we're showing off our projects and sending teachers back to their classrooms with free activities for teaching science, math and engineering! And we're proud to be a sponsor of "A Special Night for NSTA Conferees at the Museum of Science." Learn more and view schedule »

  • A New Take on Student Lab Reports

    A New Take on
    Student Lab Reports

    The March issue of The Science Teacher features "A New Take on Student Lab Reports" by Ed Hazzard, which describes how students can use screencasts – digital recordings of the computer screen plus audio narration – to report on their computer-based science labs, as an alternative to written reports. This could be an exciting new tool for science teaching. Read more »

  • The LearnLaunch 2014 Annual Conference

    See You at
    LearnLaunch 2014

    We'll be showcasing our deeply digital learning technologies at LearnLaunch. From February 28th to March 1st, LearnLaunch will examine potential of technology to improve K-20 education in the United States and the impact of digital learning. Learn more »

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