Our Work

We’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating innovative educational technology for STEM learning. Our pioneering work brings technology’s promise into reality for education worldwide.

Research Projects

We’ve been doing research and development into educational technology for over 20 years, long before the first iPhone or touchscreen tablet made digital technology and networked devices ubiquitous.

Our projects range from small, pilot tests – for example, exploring how remote human-robotic interactions can transform the future of ocean research for undergraduate students – to large-scale online professional development courses helping hundreds of teachers learn to customize digital resources for their students.

We’ve developed hundreds of free resources for STEM learning. They’re used by over a million users from all 50 states and almost 150 countries. And our research about how they improve teaching and learning shows the power of educational technology to open up a world of exploration and discovery.

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Focus Areas

The cutting edge is where we live, and where we do our best work. We pioneered the field of probeware and other tools for inquiry, and have been developing award-winning models and simulations from the start. And we’re diving deep into new directions such as data science education, analytics and feedback, and engineering and science connections.

Cultivating curiosity to bring out the inner scientist in everyone
Enabling inquiry and experimentation with scientifically accurate virtual labs
Inspiring meaningful data exploration
Developing innovative approaches to understand and guide learning
Reimagining engineering design with student-centered technologies
Imagining the future with cutting-edge innovations


Our research and development in educational technology has uncovered many important findings for the field. We’ve demonstrated how models and probeware can support deep learning, make science concepts accessible at much earlier ages than previously thought, shown the promise of online assessment and automated feedback, and much more.

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