When More Is More

In science, less isn’t more; more is more. That basic premise is supported by a recent report from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Separating signal and noise in climate warming.  Earth’s overall temperature is affected by natural processes, such as La Niña and El Niño, as well as by human factors. From 1999 to 2008, Earth’s […]

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Transpire Locally, Cool Globally

As plants grow, they transpire, releasing water into the atmosphere.  During the summer in a city, trees help to cool the immediate surroundings through transpiration. New research from Carnegie’s Global Ecology department, published last month in Environmental Research Letters, concludes that transpiration has a global effect as well. How does this happen?  Water vapor is […]

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Trees to the (partial) rescue!

The Earth is getting warmer.  In warmer climes, decomposition occurs more quickly.  This releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, leading to further warming.  But it needn’t get completely out of control–trees (and other plants) can come to the rescue! A recent study in a central Massachusetts forest has shown that increased temperatures do indeed […]

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