A Window on Your Educational Soul

Music playlists are windows to the soul (or so the general wisdom goes). Your taste in music, including your personal favorites, reveals much about your personality, your lifestyle and your values. So too your favorite websites. Do you bookmark your favorite websites in categories or sequence the most important ones first? Have hundreds of favorites? […]

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Embedding Next-Generation Molecular Workbench

The next-generation Molecular Workbench has a fundamental feature that is both simple and profound: MW models will be embeddable directly in Web pages. This simple statement means that anyone will be able to integrate these scientifically accurate models into their own work—without having to launch a separate application. Teachers will embed MW models and activities […]

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A Datasheet for NextGen MW

The opposite of Thomas Dolby I was terrible at the first four weeks of organic chemistry. I just couldn’t get the right pictures into my head. The depictions of the chemical reaction mechanisms I was supposed to memorize seemed like just so many Cs (and Hs and Os and, alarmingly, Fs) laid out randomly as […]

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