When in Drought…

New groundwater and soil moisture drought indicator maps produced by NASA are available on the National Drought Mitigation Center’s website. They currently show unusually low groundwater storage levels in Texas. The maps use an 11-division scale, with blues showing wetter-than-normal conditions and a yellow-to-red spectrum showing drier-than-normal conditions. (Credit: NASA/National Drought Mitigation Center) The map […]

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More planets!

A team of astronomers led by scientists at the California Institute of Technology have found 18 planets orbiting stars more massive than our Sun.  Finding planets is becoming more and more routine with the Kepler telescope, but these planetary discoveries help to answer questions about planetary formation–and raise other questions about planetary orbits. The scientists […]

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The Joi of Openness

I just finished reading Joi Ito’s great New York Times essay about the Internet and openness. This is clearly a piece that resonates with many of us at the Concord Consortium as well as in the creative technology community at large. Joi does an excellent job explaining and characterizing what it is about the Internet’s birth […]

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