Hype Cycle 2010 is here

Gartner has published their annual Hype Cycle, a roundup of which technologies are where on the inevitable expect-too-much-too-early curve of technology hype. Gartner has characterized the typical curve along which most all technologies travel, beginning with high expectations, proceeding to disillusionment when these technologies, and then completing with a slow climb to productive use of […]

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The Internet of Wood

Though it’s been a couple weeks since my trip to Maker Faire, I still haven’t shared a number of interesting things from this and the conference the following day. First of all, I need to share one of the coolest must-have things at the Faire. The ShopBot. This is truly a transformative device, and is […]

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Cars that drive themselves, courtesy of Google

Apparently, Google has been secretly making cars that drive themselves. They have logged over 140,000 miles of self-navigation and over 1,000 miles of navigation entirely free of human intervention, all on regular roads, including travels on highways, regular streets, and even down the famously twisty hills of Lombard St. in San Francisco. The New York […]

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