Dorsey to Speak at Cyberlearning Summit

Cyberlearning Summit 2012Chad Dorsey will describe the pathway toward the Concord Consortium’s vision of Deeply Digital education in a featured presentation at the national Cyberlearning Research Summit on Wednesday, January 18, at 3:45 p.m. The presentation will take place at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC, and can also be viewed via live streaming video.

The “Digital Books in Social Spaces with Educational Data Mining” panel also includes Ryan Baker, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Christine Greenhow, Michigan State University; Michael Klymkowsky, University of Colorado at Boulder; Melanie Cooper, Clemson University; Vinay Chaudhri, SRI International; Debbie Frazier, Monta Vista High School.

Video of Chad’s presentation is now on YouTube. Watch Defining – and Doing – Deeply Digital Learning.