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Jie Chao’s Publications

…Chiu, J. L., DeJaegher, C. J., & Chao, J. (2015). The effects of augmented virtual science laboratories on middle school students’ understanding of gas properties. Computers & Education, 85, 59–73….

Modeling Plate Tectonics for Learning

…type of ocean-spreading ridge. A top view (Figure 1) looks down from above at the spreading ridge. Figure 2 shows a cross-section of the divergent boundary of Figure 1. When…

Find Your Path through the NGSS

…Arguing from Evidence Communicating Information Core Ideas What do you teach? Life Sciences Engineering & Technology Earth & Space Sciences Physical Sciences Crosscutting Concepts Patterns Causation Scale Systems Energy Structure…

Linking Complex Systems Research Project

…complex systems, and how learners gain in complex systems understanding after engaging with system modeling tasks within the linked-hybrid modeling environment. Publications Staudt, C., Lee, H.-S., & Roderick, S. (2018)….

Preparing Learners for the Future

…they assume an entirely new nature. Actions involving tiny elements on a system’s periphery can elicit significant effects throughout. These effects may arise with surprising immediacy or emerge only following…