National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) 2023

Atlanta, GA
March 22-25, 2023

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Created “by educators, for educators” NSTA Atlanta23 is thoughtfully developed with you in mind! The conference is perfect for pre-service/new teachers and classroom veterans (K-12), professors, informal educators, administrators, and curriculum specialists who want to explore best practices, innovative instructional strategies and techniques, and next-level engagement approaches for inspiring students in science and STEM.

Friday, March 24

Beyond Spreadsheets: Getting the Most Out of Data Science Tools

Harshil Parikh, Chad Dorsey, Katie Taylor, Aaron Reedy, Zarek Drozda

2:40 – 3:40 PM EDT, Georgia World Congress Center – B409

Want your students to use more data in the classroom, but fed up with hacking a path through the spreadsheet jungle? Packed with classroom examples, tips, and easy-to-use tools, this show-and-tell panel will give you a roadmap to the best data analysis software available for science education today.

Attendees will understand the landscape of existing data analysis tools for science classrooms, along with their key characteristics, ideal use cases, and tips to get the most out of each tool.

Saturday, March 25

Explore free Watershed Awareness using Technology and Environmental Research for Sustainability (WATERS) activities for middle school classrooms

Carolyn Staudt

10:20 AM – 11:20 AM EDT, Georgia World Congress Center – B306

Explore free hands-on, inquiry-based learning activities using real national and local data and models to explore how to clean, conserve, and manage local fresh water resources.

Attendees will: 1. explore geographic, social, political, and environmental concepts and problems related to their watersheds; 2. use maps, models, and simulations of their environment to learn the factors involved in interacting with and protecting water in their surroundings; and 3. investigate a free watershed tool.

Powerful, FREE tools for Data Analysis and Systems Thinking

Chad Dorsey

10:20 AM – 11:20 AM EDT, Georgia World Congress Center – B409

Come discover how free, NSF-funded tools from The Concord Consortium can engage your students in data analysis and systems thinking, with a special emphasis on Science Practices. Bring a device to this interactive session and get free resources!

Participants will gain knowledge and experience in using free, research-based technology resources for data exploration and for diagramming and analysis of complex systems.

Promoting Scientific Literacy and Data Fluency with Interactive Simulations (PhET/CODAP)

Chad Dorsey, Matthew Blackman

1:20 PM – 2:20 PM EDT, Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center – Cottonwood A

One of the core practices of science is the use of measurements with corresponding uncertainties to make claims about an experiment. Join PhET and Concord Consortium as they showcase their work creating the next generation of interactive simulations with a focus on data fluency and measurement.

Attendees will get a full demonstration of the upcoming open-source simulations from PhET and CODAP, including all links and digital materials. Presenters will also discuss several ideas for mini-activities to teach students about experimental uncertainty and measurement.

Powerful, FREE simulations for three-dimensional NGSS teaching

Chad Dorsey

2:40 PM – 3:40 PM EDT, Georgia World Congress Center – B409

Come discover how free, NSF-funded simulations and curricula from The Concord Consortium can add all three dimensions of the NGSS to your physics, physical science and chemistry teaching, with a special emphasis on the Science Practices. Bring a device and take away free resources!

Strategies in the use of simulations for 3D NGSS-aligned teaching

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