Carolyn Staudt

Senior Scientist

Carolyn StaudtCarolyn Staudt

Carolyn Staudt is a curriculum and professional development designer who infuses technology into collaborative inquiry-based projects. She has worked extensively on the educational uses of probes and models, allowing students to collect real-time data with sensors and probes attached to mobile devices. Carolyn has directed and managed over 15 National Science Foundation-funded projects since 1996 that include assisting teachers in the implementation of technology into the classroom curriculum, teacher and student utilization of digital interfaces and software, design of platforms for customizable activities, and manipulation of software up to, and including, scripting. She holds a Master’s of Education from Kent State University and was the 1990 Christa McAuliffe Fellow and the Fairlawn, Ohio, Citizen of the Year in 1991.

(978) 405-3215
Concord, MA

Q&A with Carolyn

What’s your dream vacation?
Sailing around the world
What’s your dream pet?
Rocky, my Australian shepherd
Best adventure you’ve ever had?
Piloting a T34 with NASA while taking IR of land below.