Economics and Pedagogy of Early Childhood Education

Geneva, Switzerland
October 2021 – June 2022
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A program in Innovative Early Childhood and Primary Education built on the strength of international lecturers from the U.S., Scandinavia, and beyond. Design thinking for Education, the Digital, Visible Thinking, project work, forest schools, Lab-schools; designing and assessing educational programs.

Constructing Digital Learning Environments in Early Childhood and Primary Education

Carolyn Staudt, Nathan Kimball

April 6, 7, 8

Early learners have significant—and highly untapped—potential for understanding abstract concepts and reasoning in sophisticated ways. Research has shown that technology offers powerful support for conceptual science learning in the early grades. This workshop will provide hands-on experience with a broad array of technologies designed for early childhood learning. The Concord Consortium has developed a wide variety of models and sensors that can be used by children in a collaborative way to provide students with tools for inquiry. They will share their eight-year journey developing dynamic apps and technology-enriched activities that use models and probes to help kindergarten students develop an understanding of temperature and the particle nature of matter. These digital technologies will support discovery, experimentation, and engineering and science connections to the real world. We plan that participants will work with kindergarten students introducing these apps and activities to see student learning firsthand. This seminar will emphasize discussion and relevance to participants’ needs and experiences.

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