CLEAResult Energy Forum

Austin, TX
Oct 4-6, 2016
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CLEAResult’s 2016 Energy Forum is a two-day conference full of dynamic speakers and networking opportunities with industry powerhouses. Join us as we journey through the future of our industry, with a focus on technology-enabled solutions that meet your unique needs.

Wednesday, October 5

Charles XieJUMP Innovation Finals

Charles Xie


Infrared Street View is a proposed app that will integrate smartphone-based infrared imaging (e.g., FLIR ONE) and Google Maps with the built-in sensors of a smartphone—such as the GPS sensor and the accelerometer—to create thermal views of streets at night. The app will reveal possible thermal anomalies in neighborhoods and raise awareness of energy efficiency. By working with schools to promote infrared imaging as a novel way to teach thermal energy and heat transfer we will motivate thousands of students to help make this crowdsourcing project a success.

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