Charles Xie

Charles XieCharles Xie

Senior Scientist

Charles Xie has served as the Principal Investigator of nine NSF-funded projects and a Co-Principal Investigator of one NSF-funded project at the Concord Consortium. His current research includes computational science, learning science, data mining, machine learning, computer-aided design, scientific visualization, virtual reality, mixed reality, solar energy engineering and infrared imaging. He has been developing and co-developing Energy2D, Energy3D, Molecular Workbench and Quantum Workbench that have been used by countless students around the world. He is also developing Visual Process Analytics for educational research and assessment of complex learning through scientific inquiry and engineering design. He has also invented the Frame, a technology that fuses sensors and simulations to create novel mixed reality and natural user interface applications for teaching science. Charles has authored more than 40 papers and more than 200 blog articles.

Contact Information
(978) 405-3226

Location: Concord, MA

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