Watershed Tracker App

Watershed Tracker App on an iPhone 6The Watershed Tracker app works in conjunction with the Watershed Tracker sensor to measure the humidity, temperature, soil moisture and light within a watershed environment. Students use the Watershed Tracker to learn about the various aspects of their watershed’s environment. Teachers work with students to explain how these aspects affect the watershed. The target audience is middle and high school teachers and students within the National Science Foundation-funded Teaching Environmental Sustainability: Model My Watershed project, but anyone is free to use the app.

The Watershed Tracker sensor is required and will be provided for teachers that are participating in the project. All inquiries about additional purchases of the Watershed Tracker sensor should be made to tes_mmw@concord.org.

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  1. Bluetooth Smart connection from the Watershed Tracker to app with iPad 3 or later, or iPhone 4S or later
  2. Tracking of four sensors, including humidity, temperature, soil moisture and light

About Teaching Environmental Sustainability: Model My Watershed

The Teaching Environmental Sustainability: Model My Watershed project teaches a systems approach to problem solving through modeling and hands-on activities based on local watershed data and issues. Middle and high school students will act in their communities while engaging in solving problems they find interesting. Learn more at the project web page.

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Looking for Support?

Visit the Watershed Tracker app support page for answers to frequently asked questions, or send an email to tes_mmw@concord.org.

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