Water SCIENCE Videos

Water scientists and environmental conservationists participating in project work.

  • William AndersonWilliam Anderson
    William Anderson is an environmental educator and retired High School AP Environmental Science teacher.
  • David ArscottDavid Arscott
    David Arscott is the Stroud Water Research Center Executive Director and stream ecologist.
  • Laura Borecki-ZgleszewskiLaura Borecki-Zgleszewski

    Laura Borecki-Zgleszewski is a microbial molecular scientist and fish ecologist.
  • David BresslerDavid Bressler

    David Bressler trains citizen scientists and facilitates support for watershed organizations.
  • Melinda DanielsMelinda Daniels

    Melinda Daniels is a fluvial geomorphologist.
  • Charles DowCharles Dow

    Charles Dow manages an information services group and does network administration and data management and analysis.
  • Michael GentileMichael Gentile

    Michael Gentile runs an analytic chemistry lab.
  • Libby GreggLibby Gregg

    Libby Gregg is a computer and network specialist and environmental educator.
  • Steve KerlinSteve Kerlin

    Steve Kerlin is an environmental educator and researcher, and the Director of Education at Stroud Water Research Center.
  • John JacksonJohn Jackson

    John Jackson is a senior research scientist and entomologist.
  • Kelly McIntyreKelly McIntyre

    Kelly McIntyre is an early career entomologist.
  • Dave MontgomeryDave Montgomery

    David Montgomery manages the infrastructure in an 1,800 acre research watershed.