Water SCIENCE Monitor

Water SCIENCE App on an iPhone 6The Water SCIENCE Monitor performs analysis of inexpensive chemical water quality tests, enabling students to evaluate the health of water bodies near their schools and share, map, and visualize the data online.

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The app is intended to be used with a Low Cost Water Monitoring Kit, but can also be used with any kit or instrument that can measure the same properties of the water. By using the app on a mobile device in conjunction with a DIY microscope (not included), students are also able to capture magnified photographs and videos of samples taken from lakes and rivers, assess the turbidity of the water, and document the presence of invertebrate life forms or visible contaminants.


  1. Easily enter data using the app’s simple form and your iOS device’s camera
  2. Remotely submit data from anywhere you can connect to the internet
  3. Your data is saved to an online database and visualized for later study

About Water SCIENCE

In Supporting Collaborative Inquiry, Engineering and Career Exploration with Water (Water SCIENCE), middle school students from southern Arizona, southeastern Pennsylvania, and eastern Massachusetts will complete hands-on science and engineering activities, receive guidance and instruction from undergraduate and graduate student mentors, interact online with STEM professionals, and learn about careers in environmental conservation and engineering while investigating their community’s local water resources. Learn more at the project web page.

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