Teaching Teamwork Activities

Welcome to the Teaching Teamwork project! You can choose to work on the three resistor challenge alone or as part of a team of three. Either way, please start by reading the instructions and watching the video, which will walk you through the interface and show you how to manipulate the circuit.

Note: If you’re working on a team you’ll be asked to pick a name for your group. Please be careful that all three of you type in the same group name (case sensitive) and that you all log in at the same level!

This software is supported by the National Science Foundation as part of a research project to evaluate how well electronics students work in teams. Whether you work solo or on a team, your actions will be recorded and analyzed. (If we include your data in our research publications we will not reveal your username or your group name.)

Good luck and thanks for participating in our project!

Questions? Email teaching-teamwork@concord.org

Team Activities

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Solo Activities

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