Chad Dorsey

Letter from Our President

A Conversation about Change

Across the country, people are debating and discussing change, considering how to move powerful ideas forward while retaining the best of what has been built before. The Concord Consortium will continue to focus on innovation in STEM education in the coming months and years, and I consider it a great honor to become a part of this discussion. Having been selected as the new president to help build upon the amazing foundation Bob Tinker and staff have created is both humbling and exciting. Having this opportunity as the nation holds such a desire for change and innovation is simply unparalleled.

My background in physics research, classroom teaching, and professional development has taught me that effective STEM education reform must be based on accurate science and mathematics content, a practical view of the teaching environment, and a longterm dedication to professional development. The Concord Consortium has worked for fifteen years to make improvements in these areas. We will continue to do so.

Over the coming months, we will initiate new conversations about how technology can support these important changes. I invite you to join us online at to learn more and to add your own perspective.