Data Science Education Meetups

Over 100 thought leaders from organizations around the U.S. and four continents generated innovations in technology, and teaching and learning at the Concord Consortium's first Data Science Education Technology conference in February. We'll continue to gather thought leaders in data science education through a series of informal meetups at many spring conferences.

2017 Meetups

Attending a conference this year? Look for one of our data science education meetups! Interested in hosting a meetup? Contact us at

  • SXSWedu
    SXSWedu 2017 · Mar 7, 6:00PM
  • NSTA
    NSTA 2017 · Mar 31, 5:00PM · BottleRock, LA
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  • Cyberlearning
    Cyberlearning · Apr 18, 7:15PM · Mussel Bar & Grill
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    NARST · Apr 23, 5:30PM · Iron Cactus
    USCOTS · May 19, 12:30PM
  • SRTL
    SRTL · July 6, 4:00PM · Sudima Hotel
  • Gordon Conference on Visualization
    Gordon Conference on Visualization · Aug 8, 1:30PM
    Bates College

Data Science Education Webinars

Can't make it to a meetup, but still want to participate and learn about innovations in data science education? Attend a webinar. Want to present at one of our webinars? Email us at to share your work.

  • DSE Webinar May 30, 2017
    Speaker: Cliff Konold · May 30, 9-10:50AM PST
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  • DSE Webinar June 19, 2017
    Speaker: Hollylynne Lee · Jun 19, 9-10:50AM PST
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  • DSE Webinar July 25, 2017
    Speaker: Tim Erickson · Jul 25, 9-10:50AM PST
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  • DSE Webinar August 8, 2017
    Speaker: Amelia McNamara · Aug 8, 9-10:50AM PST
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  • DSE Webinar September 9, 2017
    Speaker: Rob Gould · Sep 9, 9-10:50AM PST
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Austin, Texas at Night from Auditorium Shores – Photo: Robert Hensley, used under Creative Commons License (CC BY 2.0)
Penn State, Old Main – Photo: George Chriss, used under Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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