Virtual School Symposium (VSS)

New Orleans, LA
October 21-24, 2012
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iNACOL’s Virtual School Symposium (VSS) will bring together over 2,000 representatives from national, state, district, private, and other virtual school programs to attend the premier K-12 online and blended learning conference. Experts in K-12 virtual education will have robust networking opportunities; learn about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in e-learning; interact in session presentations; and gain access to the latest research and best practices reports.

VSS highlights the cutting-edge work in K-12 online education across the country. It is the only national conference focused solely on K-12 online and blended learning in such a comprehensive way, and the highest-level practitioners and policy-makers seeking to develop e-learning programs within educational institutions in the United States, Canada, Mexico and abroad attend it.

Wednesday, October 24

Carolyn Staudt, Dan Damelin and Trudi LordDoing Science Using Inquiry-based OER Simulations

Dan Damelin, Trudi Lord and Carolyn Staudt

10:00am – 12:15pm

Bring your own laptop to explore open educational resources created by the Concord Consortium. These materials facilitate student discovery of scientific concepts through inquiry-based methods. At the heart of these materials are simulations that allow students to perform experiments and analyze their results. During the workshop participants will learn to find relevant resources, explore these in-depth, and discuss ways to embed these into online and blended learning environments.

Presentation Handout: Finding Resources
Presentation Slides: Doing Science Using Inquiry-based OER Simulations

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