NSTA 2015

Chicago, IL
March 12–15, 2015
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Every year the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) hosts a national conference on science education open to member and nonmember science educators. NSTA is committed “to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.”

Friday, March 13

Carolyn Staudt & Chad DorseyEngineering with Models and Sensors

Carolyn Staudt & Chad Dorsey

12:30–1:30 PM, McCormick Place, W192a

The Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry (ITSI) project prepares diverse students for careers by engaging them in exciting, inquiry-based science projects that use computational models and real-time data acquisition. Students use models and sensor activities to analyze and argue from evidence while engaging in doing real science as they plan and carry out investigations.

Dan DamelinCreating Assessments for Physical Science that Integrate the Three Dimensions of the NGSS

Brian Gane (University of Illinois at Chicago: Chicago, IL), Joseph Krajcik (CREATE for STEM Institute, Michigan State University: East Lansing, MI), Angela DeBarger (The George Lucas Educational Foundation: San Rafael, CA), Dan Damelin (The Concord Consortium: Concord, MA)

3:30–4:30 PM, McCormick Place, W190b

Find out how to develop and use classroom-based assessments that blend core disciplinary ideas, crosscutting concepts, and scientific practices to monitor students’ progress.

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