NSTA 2011

Seven sessions at the NSTA conference showcase our technologies and projects. Come learn about our SmartGraphs. Roll up your sleeves for hands-on engineering activities. Or create custom lessons using probes, models and simulations.

Thursday, March 10th

Featured Presentation: Deeply Digital Science Teaching: Looking into the Future of Educational Technology

Presenter: Chad Dorsey, President

Computers and technology are finally becoming available in science classrooms across the country. Yet we still tap into only a fraction of the potential they offer. Get a sneak peek of what lies just ahead in educational technology, and learn about cutting-edge software you can use today for free. Start yourself on the road to a “deeply digital” classroom.

Online Courses and Materials That Provide True Technology Integration Across the Sciences

Presenter: Daniel Damelin

These innovative cross-curricular, model-based activities are supported by an online professional development model. Learn about past results and new opportunities.

Evolution Readiness: The Modeling Approach

Presenters: Carolyn Staudt, Chad Dorsey

Evolution Readiness uses open-source computer-based models of interacting organisms and their environments to help fourth-grade students learn Darwin’s model of natural selection.

Friday, March 11th


Presenters: Carolyn Staudt, Dewi Win, Chad Dorsey

The SmartGraphs project studies the educational value of digital objects embedded in graphs that “know” about themselves and provide students with scaffolding for learning about graphs and the concepts they convey.

Green Building Projects for High School Engineering Education

Presenter: Edmund Hazzard

Learn about a suite of advanced hands-on and computer discovery tools for engineering education.

Saturday, March 12th

Teaching “Evolution Readiness” to Fourth-Graders: Does Technology Help?

Presenters: Linda Lacy, North Kansas (MO) City Schools; Chad Dorsey, Paul Horwitz, and Carolyn Staudt, The Concord Consortium; Laura O’Dwyer, Boston College

Linking Student Achievement, Teacher Professional Development, and the Use of Inquiry-based Computer Models in Science

Presenter: Daniel Damelin

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