NSF Synthesis and Design Workshop on Digitally-Mediated Team Learning

Orlando, FL
Mar. 31 – Apr. 2, 2019
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This workshop convenes researchers, educators, and practitioners to advance transformative pedagogical approaches for technology-enhanced team learning within STEM disciplines at the college-level and grades 6-12. Attendees will identify research directions towards adaptable digital environments for effective and scalable team-based learning in classroom settings.

Sunday, March 31

Real-Time WYSIWIS System for Shared Artifact Construction in Student Groups Collaborating on Mathematical Inscriptional Learning (Poster)

Chad Dorsey, Leslie Bondaryk, Leilah Lyons

3:00 – 6:00 PM, Morgridge International Reading Center, University of Central Florida Main Campus

As part of the Enhancing Middle Grades Students’ Capacity to Develop and Communicate Their Mathematical Understanding of Big Ideas Using Digital Inscriptional Resources, an NSF-funded collaborative project at the Concord Consortium and Michigan State University, we are developing web-based software that allows middle school students to collaboratively construct, manipulate, share, and interpret digital representations of mathematics in real time. The challenge is to make it possible for students to share and work collaboratively on their content, co-constructing an emerging shared understanding of mathematics via jointly authored and remixed multimedia inscriptions in ways that are supportive but not intrusive.

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