New England Association of Chemistry Teachers (NEACT)

Easton, MA
August 5-8, 2013

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The 74th Summer Conference of The New England Association of Chemistry Teachers will take place at Stonehill College, Easton, MA. The theme, “It’s All Atomic,” encompasses a broad range—from periodicity, through history and every imaginable overlap of chemistry concepts.

Tuesday, August 6

Dan DamelinCreating and Using Simulation-Based Activities

Dan Damelin

3:15-4:45 PM

In this workshop participants have hands-on experience with freely available molecular dynamics simulations that can teach many different chemistry-related concepts. Attendees will learn how to embed these into their own web-based systems and how to use our free authoring tool to modify and create new materials, which can be run using the Concord Consortium’s web portal or your own learning management system. Preview our latest work at

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